Small Business Secure (SSL) Web Site Hosting Service - FAQ's and Restrictions.

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1. How long does it take for an account to get activated?
Please allow up to 24 hours for hosting accounts to be set up. We have most hosting accounts set up within a couple of hours, depending upon our workload. Re seller accounts will also be set up within a 24 hour time frame providing we have sufficient lp's available. In cases where we do not have enough ip's available re seller accounts will be set up as soon as we get more issued.
2. What are Sub domains?
example of a sub domain is
3. What are Add on Domains?
Example: where add on is a sub domain created that your second domain resolves to. The additional domains go to folders inside your hosted domains but do not have their own control panel like hosted domains like the re seller accounts provide.
4. What are Parked Domains?
Parked domains are additional domains which you host on your account. They will display the same website as your primary domain and do NOT have separate web statistics, but you can give the parked domain its own e-mail boxes. Parked domains are often used by businesses that want to have more than one web address for advertising purposes.
5. How do I manage my settings such as e-mail accounts, sub domains, and MySql databases?
Every website account comes with a control panel that allows you to add and remove these (limited by the amount allowed by the plan you choose).
6. What sort of website statistics do I get?
Raw access logs, graphical layouts, and text readouts of the visitors to your site. These cover everywhere from where they came from to what browsers they were using. Each website account can access the raw access logs, AwStats, Webilizer Stats, and Bandwidth reports from the control panel.
7. Do you host adult sites, warez sites, download sites, or programs that are cpu intensive?
No. Child safe content only, and download sites bog down a server too much hampering the performance of other customers websites. To make things fair for all users on the server we also do not allow scripts such as message boards that run off text databases. Legal Adult Content is NOT allowed on our (Basic Plans 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are shared servers) shared or VPS servers. You must have a dedicated servers for Legal Adult Content. If the hosting service determines you are in violation of this your site will be suspended without notice. No illegal Content of any kind is allowed. ONLY CHILD safe & legal content is allowed. No Exceptions. Violations will result in your domain account being suspended without notice. You will not be entitled to refunds if your found in violation.
8. Can I mass mail e-mail to people?
No. Spamming is not allowed. If you have a mailing list where people ask to be on your list (opt-in lists) then mailing on larger scales is fine. If you have a long list please e-mail us at contact at to determine if it will be ok.
9. What about backing up my site contents?
Backing up the contents of websites is the users responsibility. You can backup your website from within your control panel and backup your databases using PhpMyAdmin. MRDesignWorks(Hosting accounts only) is not and will not be responsible for the contents of peoples websites. The hosting service does backup files incase of accidental data loss however. You should not rely on the hosting service backups.
10. How often can I access my website and ftp into it?
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
11. When will I be able to view my website via it's domain name?
It can take up to 48 hours to propagate throughout the web but usually within 2-4 hours your site should be visible using it's domain name.
12. Can I use CGI programs outside of the CGI folder?
Yes. CGI is enabled to work anywhere within your website.
13. When I ftp into my website where do I put my files?
Upload all of your files to the "public_html" folder.
14. Can I check my e-mail from within my website for when I am away from my home computer?
You sure can. You can access your e-mail from within your control panel.
15. Can I have some information on your network and bandwidth?
Network and Bandwidth top
24x7x365 Network Monitoring
All critical ports are monitored including: FTP, HTTP, SMTP, HTTPS, SSH, POP3

16. Do I need a secure site and a certificate? Simple awnser is now YES.

Yes all sites now need a certificate.

The requirements for certificates have evolved. You no longer need a dedicated IP address for certificates. Effective July 2018 Google Chrome will flag any site that does not have a certificate as insecure. There differant types of certificates. If your site is not collecting sensitive information or collecting payment informations you only need our free basic certificate that automatically self renews.

If your site is requesting the sender to enter information that is sensitive such as credit card information you will need to purchase a certificate that has a annual renewal. We can have the cerificate installed on your account if you chose to host your website with us.

Some payment processing options allow you to link to the payment processing site. In those cases you may not need a secure site. An example is PayPal. Secure pages on a site can be identified by seeing a padlock at the top or bottom of the page and https instead of http in the link.

17. I need more assistance. Where do I go?

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