In June of 2002 two friends came up with the idea to create a Web Design company during the commute to and from work. Robert wanted to learn the technology to create websites to enhance his career in Information Technology. Robert's career started as a Mainframe COBOL Programmer Analyst. So, Martin Stebbings and Robert McLeod decided to co-found MR Design Works. Martin came up with Design Works and Robert added the M R to represent both co-founders. Most people refer to the company as Mister Design Works but, the MR is the first initials of the two co-founders. M (Martin) R (Robert). Martin and Robert created our initial business plan to target small business. We obtained our first hosting service on a shared server.

In June of 2002 Robert started the creation of our first website and our company name on the site was M R Design Works. Version 1.0 of our site went live in the fall of 2002. In the 4th quarter of 2002, we obtained our first small business client Susan Rogan Hearing, Inc of Westmont IL. We are proud to say that Susan Rogan Hearing is still one of our most valued clients today.

In 2003 Larry Spence came on board as a sales consultant.

In April of 2004 MR Design Works became a Limited Liability Company and the name was changed from MR Design Works to MRDesignWorks, LLC. At that time Robert became the sole owner and President of MRDesignWorks, LLC. Robert in addition to his role as President is also our Lead Web Design Developer. He is also responsible for our Web Site. Martin Stebbings remained on our Advisory board and is still a member today.

In 2006 we out grew our shared server Linux and upgraded to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with a new hosting server provider in Chicago, IL. In October of 2010 we upgraded our server plan to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) Cloud VMware Linux server. This is just one step down from an actual dedicated server. 

In July of 2013 Andrew D'Amico joined our team. Andrew brought his expertise for CMS sites and for Project Management. With Andrew's knowledge MRDesignworks started creating CMS responsive websites.

In May of 2018 Robert and Andrew started the planning to redesign MRDesignWorks LLC's website. On (live date) our new website went live. This is our 5th major revision and design of the MRDesignWorks web site. Our new site is Drupal CMS based with a responsive design.