Our Web Site Design, Development  & Maintenance Services include but are not limited to:

MRDesignWorks works together with our clients to ensure that the web site that is created will satisfy their essential needs. We receive all the necessary materials and information from our client. This may include pictures that need to be included on the site, brochures, company logos, and different texts describing the operation of the company.  Clients know there business better than we do, so it is preferred that the actual content be written by the client and sent to us in a word document.  We will take that content and update the site and format it for the web pages.

MRDesignWorks then creates a layout of the website, and how it will be organized. The site is designed using Adobe Web Premium Suite CS5, which includes the Adobe PhotoShop CS5, Flash CS5, Fireworks CS5 and Dreamweaver CS5.

The website files are placed on a test site, so that the client can review the progress of the developing website. The website will be tested using Microsoft Internet Explorer, FireFox and Chrome browsers to ensure it works properly with each of these browsers. After the site has passed Quality Assurance testing and the client is completely satisfied, the website is uploaded to the client's domain.

We will also help you set up your basic business facebook page.  Social Media is a must for your web site to be successful.  We can also update your website to link to your social media sites.  At a minimum, you should be on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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